Dr. Andrew Chelladurai, ND

Dr. Andrew Chelladurai, ND

Dr. Chelladurai practices both in-person in Brampton and virtually across Ontario with a focus on high performance, nutrition, and health optimization. He uses a combination of ancient healing practices as well as modern medical science to help his patients overcome health issues and perform their best.


Dr. Chelladurai has a background in athletics studying Human Kinetics and playing varsity volleyball at the University of Windsor. His passion for high performance and health optimization led him to the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. During his clinical internship he specialized in Sports Medicine and completed an externship at Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital in China working with some of the best Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors in the world. Dr. Chelladurai continues to study and apply ancient healing practices such as Qi gong/ tai chi, herbal medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, combining them with the modern science of nutrition, detoxification, and biological medicine to support patients on their healing journey.


Dr. Chelladurai’s approach is to identify the root cause of illness and correct underlying imbalances naturally with nutrition and lifestyle changes, physical therapy including acupuncture & cupping, and high-quality botanicals and natural supplements. He believes that everyone has the innate ability not only to be disease-free, but to thrive with great health and vitality. He is passionate about helping others achieve optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health to discover their full potential.

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