Dr. Andrew Chelladurai, ND


Dr. Chelladurai focuses on health optimization. He believes that everyone has the innate ability to not only be disease-free, but to thrive as healthy and happy humans. It is his passion to help others achieve optimal health and discover their true potential.


Dr. Chelladurai has a Human Kinetics degree from the University of Windsor. He played varsity volleyball for 4 years and developed a passion for sports performance at this time. It became clear to him that optimal health and performance can only be achieved through a holistic approach including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual factors. This led him to explore Naturopathic Medicine where he studied at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Ontario. During his clinical internship he trained on the Sports Medicine Shift where he used naturopathic treatments to help rehabilitate and address the causes of acute and chronic sports injuries, help patients maintain their exercise routines and achieve their fitness goals. He also travelled to China for over a month to study at a Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital under the mentorship of some extremely knowledgable Doctors. Dr. Chelladurai has continued to study and apply both ancient wisdom and modern science to help others discover how to become their best self.


Dr. Chelladurai’s approach to wellness is best summarized by the principles of naturopathic medicine:
First, do no harm: Treatment always begins with lifestyle modification and the safe use of naturopathic modalities including botanical medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (including acupuncture) to bring balance to the body.
Healing power of nature: We all have the innate ability to heal when we live in accordance with the laws of nature. Treatment is centred on returning to a natural lifestyle.
Treat the root cause: Treatment may focus on symptom relief when necessary but the long term goal is always to discover and correct the root cause of dysfunction in the body.
Doctor as teacher: It is my goal to share as much knowledge as I can and help others become their own doctor, as all healing comes from within.
Holistic treatment: Treatment includes a wide range of tools to improve all aspects of the human including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
Prevention: Absence of disease and dysfunction naturally occurs with a holistic approach to health optimization.

Interested in learning more?

Dr. Chelladurai offers a complimentary 15 minute consultation as an opportunity for you to meet him, ask any questions you may have, and see if this is the right fit for you and your health goals. Click here to be redirected to our booking page.