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We use a wide variety of natural therapies, including Acupuncture, Cupping, Herbal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Lifestyle Counselling, and Mind-Body Medicine. 

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We are excited to meet you! We have an online booking system, or you can reach out by email or telephone to book or get to learn more about how Naturopathic Medicine can benefit you and your family. 

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Health Education

Our Naturopathic Doctors have co-founded a free health and wellness platform called NaturoAcademy designed for naturally minded individuals who are seeking natural alternatives to better their health.

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DrMar & Dr Drew

Get to know what we're all about

Lakeside Naturopathic Clinic is located on Professor’s Lake in Brampton. The clinic was co-founded and is operated by Naturopathic Doctors Dr. Andrew Chelladurai and Dr. Marissa Canning.

We believe in using a truly holistic approach to optimize physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We work one on one with you and your family to help you to achieve your health goals, and customize an individualized treatment plant for you in order to help you feel your best and provide real, lasting results. 

Heal. Thrive. Grow.
At Lakeside Naturopathic we focus not only on restoring health, but providing the tools for you to thrive and grow. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal health to become the best version of yourself.

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